About Us

Proxima Energy is an independent energy company that provides a range of services across the energy value chain. Proxima’s expertise is in oil & gas exploration and production, energy services (management and strategy consulting and training) and research & analytical services across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the Africa oil and gas industry. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Proxima targets energy resource owners, governments, prospectors and operators across the value chain, including renewables.

We provide advisory service for resource states to diversify their options, reach or retain investors, leverage capital and technology markets and grow their energy opportunities through competent bidding, commercial evaluation, informed regulation and other energy development services.

Proxima’s technical insight is world-class and diverse. With a core team of expert analysts and professionals who have a global outlook but a strong bias for the energy sector in Africa, Proximal is positioned to help clients tap into value opportunities in the energy industry.

The management of Proxima is conscious of the compelling case for a professionally run, best practice energy company located in Africa and able to provide similar service levels with the best energy service providers in the world.

With significant investments in human capital, systems and processes, Proxima is one of the leading E&P companies and a leading provider of energy services that can help clients take advantage of emerging energy opportunities in Nigeria, the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Basin. Proxima has a deep understanding of the energy markets in Africa, and can help investors optimise their return-on-investments (ROI).


To become the model energy company for Africa by portfolio, practice and profit.


Proxima's mission is to focus on and deal with issues that will secure, guarantee and enhance both license and access to resources, markets and assets.

Our Focus