People, Systems and Structures

At Proxima, we pay significant attention to systems and structures because we know that a well-structured business with the appropriate systems will optimize the key our people assets. Our systems provide the support for us to deal with complex energy challenges.

The responsibility for day to day management of the business lies with the CEO and the Executive Directors. The Executive Directors have responsibility over Proxima’s Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

Our People
Our People model is designed in such a way that we see the boundaries of the organisation as very flexible, as we combine our in-house agility and broad-based / external capabilities. At the heart of this process is a core team, made up of energy sector veterans, with significant operations experience in the industry. This core team is made up of Energy Economists, Engineers, Geophysicists, Geoscientists, and Renewable Energy Experts. With this pool of resources, Proxima has developed significant levels of industry knowledge, which it deploys to help clients achieve their objectives.