What We Do

Proxima Energy Limited is positioned to intervene in various areas of the African energy industry bringing global experience and technical expertise to complement its existing deep grasp of the markets and strong relationships across the private and public sectors in the markets of interest.

The sectors of interest in the African Energy space include the following areas:

Upstream oil and Gas Industry

While this industry space is already extensively explored especially by international oil companies, these IOCs by virtue of their large sizes and low appreciation of the local market have tended to sub-optimise many assets which are either adjudged of marginal size or located in volatile communities. Proxima is of the view that these assets can be optimised to yield more revenue for the country as well as for investors. In addition to this, there remains extensive scope for use of gas from local fields in the local market, which none of the IOCs has been able to address. In line with this, Proxima offers other international oil companies who are not yet in African markets, an easy in road into this space and the Governments of Africa improved optimisation of their previously sub-optimised oil and gas assets.

Downstream oil and gas industry

The potential for operation of the downstream markets are yet to fully exhausted in most African markets, especially in the large oil producing economies like Nigeria. With the certainty of de-regulation in the medium term, Proxima sees an opportunity to invest in the required market infrastructure and extract previously untapped value from this market.

Oilfield services

This space, like the rest of the upstream oil and gas industry has been dominated by international players. However, the National Content Law has mandated that certain services be reserved only for Nigerian businesses. However, to date, Nigerian businesses have only been partially able to leverage this opportunity on account of their low technical acumen and poor ability to collaborate with international partners. In view of this, Proxima is positioned to attract world class international service providers to play in attractive service niches in the industry and thus boost the local value add in the industry.

Renewable energy

Africa is arguably one of the more endowed continents as far as renewable energy is concerned, especially with specific reference to solar energy. Ironically, the Continent has also made the least progress in harnessing this class of energy for public use, in spite of the extensive resources available globally to support renewable energy rollout. In view of this, Proxima has identified this area as a key focus area, where it will attract global finance and knowhow towards the expansion of the contribution of renewable energy to the public grids across the Continent.

Product and Services

We are conscious of the compelling case for a professionally run, best practice energy services company located in Africa and able to play on the terms of the best in the world; able to access both international capital, best practice and talent to unlock emerging oil and gas opportunity in Nigeria, the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Basin. We have a deep knowledge of the African energy market and capable of helping investors achieve optimal success and help provide information and strategic advice that help minimize risk to investment in the African environment.

We offer best-in-class services in the following areas: