Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Proxima’s Exploration and Production (E&P) business focuses on taking advantage of emerging upstream opportunities around Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Basin.
We are in the process of acquiring a portfolio of oil and gas assets in Nigeria, with a view to being an operator and partner to Nigerian and multinational companies in the development and commercial optimisation of these assets.

At Proxima, we believe that with strategic investments in E&P opportunities, we can deliver sustainable value to stakeholders. Once the business acquires its strategic assets, we will build these reserves through the exploration, development and acquisition.

The Exploration and Production business will take a cautious but pro-active approach in taking advantage of opportunities outside Nigeria. It will invest in assets that meet its strategic, financial and growth requirements.
Taking advantage of the Nigeria Local Content Law, the business will continue to source for and acquire stake in strategic oil and gas assets either as an operator or in partnership with reputable independents or International Oil Companies (IOCs), in line with its pan-African growth strategy.

Energy Management and Consulting Services

Proxima’s value proposition in this service area is structured into three difference service lines;

Enterprise Market Services

Proxima’s enterprise market management and consulting services helps business in the oil and gas sector better understand their operating environment and take decisions that reflect the realities of their markets. The services offered include

Public-Sector Market Services

With governments being the owners of natural resources, their role in the development of the energy sector is very important. With an understanding of the critical nature of this role, Proxima has over the years, built competence in advising governments on the best way to take advantage of the natural resources they own. The services offered here include;

Energy Related Social Entrepreneurship

The oil and gas sector has always been the subject of much global attention within the social entrepreneurship community. With this in mind, Proxima has also developed resources and competencies that are relevant for organizations involved in energy social-entrepreneurship.
These services include;